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Aqueous Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging

Aqueous barrier coatings help to keep oil, grease and moisture inside or outside cartonboard packaging. Unlike laminated plastic barrier coatings, water based coatings for food packaging are biodegradable.

Being able to apply an effective barrier coating on demand and at various coating weights allows for a great amount of flexibility for a converter vs. mill applied stock. It also allows for a variety of coatings to accommodate different needs, giving additional options for finished product offerings. Having the coating application option also can add some flexibility in using on hand stocks.

Value added example:

A) In-house coating saving :

  • Average cost of purchased coated board $770 per ton
  • Average cost of purchased non-coated board $705 per ton
  • Cost difference $770 - $705 = $65 per ton
  • Cost of coating in-house $17 per ton
  • Saving $65 - $17 = $48 per ton “coating in-house”

Saving based on 250 Tons used: 250 tons x $48 = $12,000 per month

B) Elimination of non-recyclable waste:

  • Average cost of non-recyclable waste disposal $150 per ton
  • Estimated waste per month 20% per 250 tons = 50 tons per month
  • Cost of disposal of non-recyclable waste $150 x 50 tons = $7,500 per month

Waste Saving with Recyclable Aqueous Coating $ 7,500 per month

Total A&B saving per month $12,000 + $7,5000 =  $19,500 per month

Total A&B saving per year $19,500 x 12 = $234,000 per year

For applying Gravure or Flexo Aqueous coatings, please refer to our coater.