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October 2019


Graphic Systems Services Acquires Global Web Finishing, Inc. and Scheffer Inc.

Wednesday October 30, 2019

On October 29, 2019 Graphic Systems Services (GSS) purchased the assets of Global Web Finishing Inc. (GWF) and Scheffer Inc. The combined companies offer a complete line of finishing line solutions for traditional high-speed web presses and variable repeat digital presses. GSS will provide parts and service support for the GWF and Scheffer products as well as expand the existing GWF product line offerings to meet the needs of the high-speed digital, direct mail and packaging printing markets.

GSS, located in Springboro, OH, is the intellectual property owner of Harris/Schriber and Didde Web Presses. GSS has been in business since 1995 providing new equipment, replacement parts, technical and service support for these renowned products.

GSS manufactures and designs custom inkjet web transports/presses and other innovative solutions for the high-speed digital print markets. GSS offers custom design engineering, machining and assembly services for other industries outside the graphic arts markets.

Visit GSS web sites at,, and

Graphic Systems Services Inc.
400 South Pioneer Blvd., Springboro, OH USA 45066

November 2018

Global Web Finishing (“GWF”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired all the Intellectual Property of Scheffer Inc. In keeping with the service record that GWF has provided to our customers we now want to extend that to the Scheffer Inc. product lines that we were proudly a part of in our past...Read More

October 2018

Manroland Goss, England- Chooses GWF for a Universal UV Coater to be installed on their M-600 sold to their UK customer, the coater will be used to produce high quality UV coated magazine covers and catalogues.

August 2018

American Spirit-IA- Ordered Portable Die Cutter to be used on their 8pg inline

July 2018

Top US Printer awarded GWF a large order to build multiple Finishing Inlines and Offline equipped with auxiliaries equipment for delivery in 2019

June 2018

American Spirit-IA- Ordered Kodak Inkjet Tower & 8pg refurbished Inline Finishing System

June 2018

MCS, IL- Chooses GWF to build Simplex/ Duplex Inkjet Tower to demonstrate their Inkjet Print Heads at the PRINT 18 in Chicago

June 2018

Nahan Printing, MN- Decided to partner with GWF to build their first Fuji Samba Inkjet Tower

March 2018

Sandy Direct, FL- Purchased GWF Universal UV Coater

February 2018

Specialty Printing, IL- Purchased a preowned Kodak Imaging Tower

January 2018

LSC Communications, KY- Ordered a GWF scoring Module

PRINT17 September - 2017

Chicago, IL- GWF Participated in Print 17 with display of the GWF Patented Universal UV Coater. Coater demos were given and custom UV coated samples were on display and were distributed to customers.

Coater demos by Offset Unlimited, custom UV samples were printed and coated by IBS DIRECT and UV coating was supplied by Horizon.

January 2017

Freedom Graphics, WI. – Ordered a portable Rotary Die Cutter For their 8pg Inline.

February 2017

Trade Secret, Toronto, Canada – Ordered U shaped 16pg refurbished Inline Finishing System to go on their existing M-130 Press

February 2017

American Litho, IL-  Purchased full web High Speed refurbished Rotary Cutter & Delivery Table

April 2017

Specialty Print, ILPurchased 8pg GWF Inline Finishing System with High Speed Rotary Cutter & refurbished Delivery Table

April 2017

American Litho, IL - Purchased a second Portable Universal UV Coater for multiple use on their web presses and inlines

May 2017

Cummings Printing, NH- Purchased one Universal UV Coater for their Refurbished Toshiba Press, the coater will be used to coat high quality magazine covers.

July 2017

Freeport Press, OH- Ordered two Universal UV coaters w/ Angle Bars to be installed on their duplex Komori S38, The 2 UUV Coaters will allow them to produce varieties of Exotic Coated pieces.

July 2017

Master Graphics, IL-Purchased Inline Finishing System to be installed on their New Sunday 24pg

November 2017

American Litho, Chicago- Converting of Two HP/Kodak Inkjet Towers

November 2017

Cenveo, CA- Ordered GWF Kodak Inkjet Tower to be installed on their Rotoman-N press

January 2016

IBS Direct, PA-Purchased Variable Repeat Universal UV Coater for their direct response mailing application.

February 2016

Komori/ Iklim- Turkey ordered Prefolder for their S38, Komori Press, this Prefolder will allow them to produce single gate and double gate folds with the press combination folder.

March 2016

Our Daily Bread, MI- Replaced old Baldwin Cutter with Refurbished Rotary Cutter & Delivery Table on their Baldwin Inline.

March 2016

Freedom Graphics, IL- Contracted GWF to Remove and Reinstall existing Inline Finishing & provide New Drive System

April 2016

Goss Intl/ Arandell, IL- Purchased 57” Universal UV Coater, Wide Web Prefolder, and 57” Pattern Perforator, the equipment will be mounted on New Goss S2000, 24pg.

August 2016

Sandy Alexander, FL - Purchased GWF Duplex Kodak Inkjet Tower

August 2016

SG360, IL-  Ordered a refurbished Remoist Pattern Gluer

August 2016

Freedom Graphics, IL- Ordered a used Rotary Cutter

September 2016

SG360, IL- Purchased used delivery table

September 2016

Freedom Graphics, IL- Ordered a Simplex Duplex Inkjet Tower and auxiliaries refurbishments

September 2016

Goss International / Journal Graphics, NH-Purchased GWF Pattern Perforator to be installed on their M-600 press.

October 2016

R.R.Donnelly, WI - Ordered GWF first Camming Variable Repeat Rotary Cutter

October 2016

American Spirit, IA -- Purchased GWF Universal UV Coater for the application of UV security ink

October 2016

American Litho, IL - Ordered GWF Rotary Die Cutter

November 2016

American Spirit, IA – Reconditioned one In x 2 Out ribbon deck

November 2016

American Spirit, IA – Reconditioned one in x 2 out ribbon deck

November 2016

Freedom Graphics, IL- GWF refurbished two of their Rotary Cutters

November 2016

Komori/ Iklim- Turkey ordered wide angle bar to produce 20pg signature on their Komori S38

February 2015

SG360, IL – Ordered Simplex / Duplex Kodak /HP Inkjet Tower

April 2015

SG360, IL – Purchased a Refurbished Rotary Cutter with high speed Delivery Table

April 2015

Quad Graphics, WI - Ordered two scoring modules

April 2015

Royle Printing, WI - Decided to go with the purchase of GWF Universal UV Coater. The UV Coater will be installed on a new 16pg Goss S2000 and will be used to UV coat magazine covers.

April 2015

SG360, IL- Ordered two Kodak / HP Inkjet Towers

May 2015

SG360, IL - Purchased high speed Delivery table for their Rotary Cutter

June 2015

Howard Hunt Group, England - Ordered a GWF Double Pan UV Coater- Gluer

June 2015

American Spirit, IA - Relocated and installed existing Inline Finishing System

June 2015

Freedom Graphics,IL- Retrofitted an old Rotary Cutter & Reconditioned Skate Table

August 2015

ColorDynamics, TX - Purchased Kodak Simplex / Duplex Portable Inkjet Tower

September 2015

Wilen Direct, FL – Ordered two GWF Universal UV Coaters for use post Coating on Kodak Prosper 6000

October 2015

Freedom Graphics, IL - Ordered two GFW Universal UV Coater for Post Coating on HPT400 Digital Press

November 2015

Publication Printers, CO – Purchased GWF Universal UV Coater for coating Magazine Covers

December 2015

ColorDynamics , TX– Purchased a Refurbished Double Pan Rollers Portable Gluer

December 2015

Web Press Parts, TX ,- Ordered a Used Refurbished Inline

January 2014

IWCO Direct, MN - Ordered GWF four Heads Scoring Module

January 2014

SG360, IL - Ordered a GWF transportable Kodak/ HP Imaging Tower

January 2014

Schmidt Printing, MN - Purchased GWF Universal UV Coater for coating Magazine Covers

January 2014

SG360, IL -Purchased refurbished 16pg Inline that was converted from offline. The inline is equipped w/Portable Die Cutter, Envelope Glue, Kodak Inkjet Tower & High Speed Rotary Cutter & Delivery Table

May 2014

A&R Carton, France - Ordered 57”(1450mm) wide Aqueous Coater w/ Hot Air Dryer, the Coater will be installed on MarquipWardUnited, it will be used to apply flood barrier coating on paperboard  

June 2014

SG360,IL - Ordered two Simplex/ Duplex Imaging Towers designed to support Both Kodak & HP Inkjet heads.

September 2014

Howard Hunt Group, England – Ordered a large 16 page offline that includes personalization, die cutting, perforating, gluing, inserting and scoring units

November 2014

Manroland/Velassis, NC - Customer choosed GWF to build a 66” (1680mm) wide Fragrance Applicator for installation on MAN Lithoman IV, 64 Pg press

November 2014

SG360,IL - Placed an order for two Universal UV Coaters, one Inserter, two Portable Gluers, one Die Cutter and other equipment

January 2013

McAdams,WI -Retrofitted their existing Rotary Cutter & Delivery Table w/ new GWF Drive, software and firmware.

January 2013

Lehigh Direct, IL – Retrofitted their Rotary Cutter Delivery Table w/ new GWF drive.

February 2013

Specialty Print , IL – Ordered Two Kodak Inkjet Towers, Universal UV Coater and Plow Tower Modification.

March 2013

Brown Printing, IL - Purchased high speed Universal UV Coater to UV coat their Magazine Covers

May 2013

Baxter, Colombia- Ordered a special angle bar for use with Davis Standard extruder.

August 2013

SPC, Mexico – Ordered Two Webs Ribbon Shifter for installation on their two webs M-1000

October 2013

Lehigh Direct, IL- Ordered the fourth Portable Universal UV Coater.

November 2013

Metrocolor- Peru Placed an order for two Universal UV coaters, one be installed on 16 pg Sunday 2000 in Mexico, the second one to be installed on 24 pg Sunday 2000 in Peru

December 2012

Goss International - Awarded GWF contract to build two Fragrance Applicators to be installed on their Sunday 2000, 16pg & 24pg, the units will be used to apply Scratch & Sniff Microfragrances for use in cosmetic commercial catalogues.

November 2012

Roto Armor – France ordered a Prefolder, a Scoring Module and a Three Cylinder Pattern perforator for their newly installed M600 16pg press

October 2012

Amrican Litho ordered a Portable Simplex Duplex Kodak Inkjet Tower for use on their two 16 pg presses

March 2012

Large U.S. Wide Web Inline Finisher chooses GWF once again for Custom Fragrance Applicator Machine

KBA – Germany contracts GWF for High Speed Remoist Gluer/Aqueous Coater, Perforator and Portable Die Cutter units on new 16pg Web Press installing in Europe

February 2012

Goss International ordered Retrofit of 2 Stacked Perforator to go on their half web press

February 2012

SG 360 ordered Rotary Die Cutter and a custom made Fragrance Applicator. The Applicator will be installed on their finishing inline and will produce four different scented  flaps for magazine inserts.

February 2012

Large U.S. Wide Web Inline Finisher works with GWF to build custom designed 75” wide Inkjet Tower and specialty Die Cutter unit

January 2012

Freedom Graphics contracted GWF to install a used Scheffer Inline

January 2012

Roto France - Orders High Speed UV Coating Tower from Global. Machine will be dedicated to magazine and catalog Cover Production with changeable Anilox Engraved Coating Cylinder and on board UV Curing System and Chill Roll Section

December 2011

V-Print – Belgium chooses GWF for specialized Inserter Unit for “Closed End Mailer” products on high speed Offline finishing system

November 2011

Major Midwestern U.S. - DM/Specialty Web Finisher selects Global Web Finishing for 8/8 Inkjet Tower for Kodak “Stream” Printheads. System includes Highly Custom Design Features along with GWF’s Licensed 4c Inkjet Registration System

August 2011

Midwest - US “Best in Class” Web Printer and Inline/Offline Web Finisher adds New GWF Offline Finishing System Featuring GWF’s New VOD (Variable-On-Demand) Rotary Cutter

July 2011

Color Dynamics – Allen, TX adds Inline Finishing System with Full Refurbishment and Cut off Change by GWF

June 2011

Arandell Corporation – Menominee Falls, WI partners With Global Web Finishing on a completely customized, cantilever designed Prefolder

While the plow folders of this “PF2” Prefolder open up brand new possibilities for Arandell Corporation – Menominee Falls, WI the design and general arrangement will be compact and functionally accessible beyond what’s previously been done in the Industry.

June 2011

Reneprint – Riga, Latvia will work with Global Web Finishing on Prefolder

Reneprint in Riga, Latvia has decided on GWF for a new custom designed “RS12” Ribbon Shifting Prefolder for their Komori S40 web press.  The new prefolder will put Reneprint into a league of their own in Latvia by offering customers format capabilities unmatched in their country.

May 2011

RR Donnelley – Danville, KY Chooses GWF for HQ Web Press Scoring

The newly designed GWF Scoring unit is completely portable between presses and has a total of 4 scoring passes allowing scores to be placed anywhere laterally across the web.  RRD will enjoy the highest quality “channel” scoring simultaneous on either top or bottom of the web.

May 2011

Freedom Graphic Systems - Milton, WI works with GWF on Upgrades and Customizations in their Wisconsin web finishing plant

Global Web Finishing is called as a partner to Freedom Graphic Systems - Milton, WI to assist with upgrades to electronics controls on pre-existing web finishing equipment.  Global Web Finishing fully specializes in the servicing, refurbishment and integration of web machinery electronics, drives and controls, and digital registration systems.

May 2011

Global Web Finishing Awarded Contract for 2 Additional UniVersal Coaters

One of the largest and best known DM Web Printers in the world has now purchased a total of 3 UniVersal Coaters from GWF.  The “Patent Pending” Design UniVersal Coaters will be installed and running on a variety of Presses/Repeats in September 2011.

April 2011

GWF is honored to supply American Spirit Graphics Corporation – Minneapolis, MN with a custom designed Pattern Perforator

American Spirit Graphics Corporation – Minneapolis, MN will take delivery from GWF at the end of July 2011 on a custom designed and manufactured 3 cylinder pattern perforator for their 66” wide Goss Sunday 4000 Press in ASGC’s Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN  facility.  Installation and start up will take place immediately.

April 2011

GWF Sells Second UniVersal Coater in US

GWF is pleased to announce the sale of our second “Patent Pending” UniVersal Coater to a large (unnamed) US web DM printer.  It is stated that GWF’s UUV coater will cost justify the purchase in well less than a year from coating consumption savings alone through the machines ability for a one minute, “On Demand” coating cylinder Changeout.

March 2011

Imprimerie Solisco Goes with Global Web Finishing For Their First Inline Finishing System

Imprimerie Solisco of Quebec Chooses GWF to Supply, Re-Engineer, Install, Start Up/Train and Fully Re-Furbish a Used Scheffer/WPM Inline Finishing System for a Zircon 6611 Web Press.  GWF Provides Unmatched Support at Every Point Throughout the Process.

February 2011

Graphic Resource/Color Dynamics of Allen, TX Choose GWF

Graphic Resource Inc Trusts GWF for Complete Turn Key Re-Furbish and Installation of a Preowned 38” Wide Inline Finishing System for Their Customer Color Dynamics in Allen, Texas.  Global Web Finishing will work closely with GRI to provide everyone with the highest quality re-engineering and support.

January 2011

Israeli Printer Hadfus Hachadash Purchases Custom Designed Prefolder

Israeli Printer Hadfus Hachadash Will Install this “RS12” Ribbon Shifting Prefolder from GWF to be fit onto a Komori S38 Press in their Tel Aviv printing plant.  This One Web In- Two Ribbons Out, Prefolder is One of Many Custom Designed Prefolders Built by GWF for Web Presses of All Types and Sizes.

December 2010

Global Web Finishing Supplying Latest In High Volume Web Finishing Technology

Global Web Finishing/Merrillville, IN is supplying the latest in high volume web finishing technology to a major US based DM printer.  The complete GWF inline finishing system which is being designed and engineered from scratch to meet today’s versatility and efficiency demands installs in June and includes features such as movable position plow folding towers; docking stations throughout for portable pattern gluers/die cutters/inserters and GWF’s new UniVersal Coater.

October 2010

The Lettershop Group of Leeds, England Chooses GWF For Custom Designed 16 Station Inkjet Imaging Tower

The Lettershop Group of Leeds, England chooses Global Web Finishing once again for their custom designed “Duplex” 16 Station Inkjet Imaging Tower. Each Print Pass side of the GWF Inkjet tower will include 4 Print Stations for Kodak’s S10/Prosper Printheads followed by 4 Print Stations for standard 4.25” and 9” Black Kodak Printheads. This, the second of two identical systems purchased by TLG is slated for start up in early February 2011.

September 2010

American Spirit Graphics Corporation Chooses GWF To Customize Inline Finishing System

American Spirit Graphics Corporation chooses Global Web Finishing to custom configure and install a large addition to an ASG/Des Moines inline finishing system. Twin portable pattern gluer/coaters and a rotary die cutter were custom integrated to a high speed Zircon 6611 with existing inline finishing and inkjet. This newly created web finishing system is perfectly suited to highly dynamic product formats such as multi-ply paper cards, integrated labels, stamps and stickers, simplex/duplex UV cured coatings and closed end mailers.

The system successfully started up and went immediately into production in late December 2010.

May 2010

News - Testimonials - York Mailing

Global Web Finishing is pleased to announce the flawless installation and start up of a custom designed, multi facet, prefolding arrangement at York Mailing LTD of York, England.  York Mailing is an award winning, UK leading print manufacturer of retail promotion and free standing insert products.  The GWF system installed on an MAN Lithoman, long grain 64 page web offset/heatset press and was desperately needed to exploit production capability by expanding the press folder capability. 

This exclusive GWF prefolder system design includes additional ribbon creation, shifting and compensation as well as additional former folding and delivery and believed to be the first design and installation of its kind. 

Works Manager, Mark Bennett was at times nearly at a loss for words in describing how well such a complex design came together.

“We’ve never seen a system of this size, location on the press and complexity install so well”.  “This project was delivered on time and completed at less than half the cost of other quotes and the best part is we lost absolutely zero production time on the press whereas another proposal we received suggested that the press be down for 5 weeks”

“Operationally, we started it up and brought the speed to 35,000iph (2700fpm)”.   “We can run any grammage weight paper through…no problem”.  “We were a bit concerned with electronics and drive control interfacing with the press which turned out absolutely A1, easy…superb”.  “One particular format that used to be on press 3.5 days is now produced in 1.5 days…we’ve doubled our output on many formats”

“It’s really groundbreaking, phenomenal that we took a 6 month old press still in warranty and contracted a new firm in Global Web Finishing to custom design and build something that we were told was impossible and will never work…no one does that and the reward is superb!”

Mark Bennett
Works Manager
York Mailing LTD

April 2010

The Segerdahl Corporation Partners With GWF For A New Custom Designed 57” Wide High Speed Inkjet Tower

The portable Inkjet Tower design can be installed on at least three presses in Segerdahl’s Wheeling, IL plant.  The GWF machine provides full duplex print capability for all late series Kodak high speed inkjet print heads.   The machine can be designed for virtually any OEM dryer type and includes web driven chill rolls after each print/dryer pass.

March 2010

Thebault/Earth Color Chooses Global Web Finishing For a Newly Designed “PF1” Prefolder

Thebault will produce single and double gate plow folds from their new GWF Prefolder feeding into a Goss combination folder at maximum press speeds on their M600 in their Parsippany, New York plant.

February 2010

Solna Americas Purchases Two 38” Wide Stacked Pattern Perforators from GWF

GWF will deliver new twin stacked Pattern Perforation units on a high speed Solna Web press at The Mead Westvaco printing plant in Salzburg, New York.