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Pattern Perforators

Discount Coupons
Discount Coupons

Exit Side - Two Cylinder Pattern Perforator
Exit Side - Two Cylinder
Pattern Perforator

Entry Side - Two Cylinder Pattern Perforator
Entry Side - Two Cylinder
Pattern Perforator


The GWF Two Cylinder Pattern Perforator offers a cost efficient solution for producing high quality perforated items such as stamps, coupons, game cards, and tear away direct response envelopes as well a variety of custom shapes and sizes. The unit is designed to perforate using litho perforation strips attached to aluminum plate or manufactured perforated flexible die plates. It can be installed after the Press Chills before the Press folder or before a sheeter.

Standard Features:

  • Designed to run at maximum press speed
  • One single around plate cylinder quipped with reel rod lockup mechanism
  • One single around impression / blanket cylinder equipped with reel rod lockup mechanism
  • Heavy-duty precision gear drive for tight tolerances and accurate perf-to-print registration
  • 360° motorized circumferential register
  • Motorized ± ¼” (6.35mm) on-the-run sidelay adjustment for accurate print registration
  • On-the-run depth of perforation adjustment of up to .017” (.43mm)
  • Hardened exit draw roll for continuous line perforation, slitting, edge trimming, and scoring
  • Centralized grease lubrication manifold
  • Dial Indicator for impression adjustment
  • Non-driven bypass idler rolls
  • Web-up entry platform
  • Remote control box
  • CE Conformity
  • Unit mounted press stations (entry & exit)
  • Automatic Cut-off  Register Control
  • Web detection system
  • Web severer
  • High performance shaftless drive
  • VPN Ethernet Connection

Larger size and custom Pattern Perforators:

Additionally, GWF offers custom made design and variety of model Perforators that cover a wide range of print repeat lengths and large web widths.

Designs are available for installation on 24pg, 32pg 48pg and 64pg short and long grain web printing presses up to 78” (1980mm) web width.

Contact GWF for further details.

Product Applications:

  • Stamps
  • Coupons
  • Game cards
  • Business reply cards

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Model - 57" (1450mm) Two Cylinder Pattern Perforator

Model - 38" (965mm) Three Cylinder Pattern Perforator

Model - 38" (965mm) Two Cylinder Pattern Perforator

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