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Pre-Coating & Post – Coating

Why Pre-Coat?

Untreated paper is naturally porous. When inkjet printing on uncoated paper, the ink is absorbed into the paper producing a very soft, muted look where detail and sharpness can be lost, so that color images look flat or dull.

By comparison, when printing on coated paper, the coating act as primer or partial water barrier on the surface of the paper, which allows the ink to sit right on top of the surface and thus maintain color density and luminosity of the ink, providing a sharper, brighter image.

Why Post-Coat?

Post coating will help to create a crisp, precise image with more “lift”. Aqueous or UV coating are used, although UV coating is more popular for digital applications. Vibrant, digitally printed pieces such as posters, magazine covers, catalogues and other products with high coverage images are generally UV coated. Like lamination, UV coatings increase product life while enhancing color and vibrancy. They are popular for direct mail pieces  going through the postal delivery systems because they also protect inkjet print from smudging or water damage.

Both types of coating enhance color density and add value to printed pieces while protecting the ink from damage.

For your coating application , please check out our One side and Two sides Universal Gravure & Flexo Coater.