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Variable Repeat Camming Rotary Cutter "VCC"/ Skate Delivery Table

Cutting Edge Technology Designed For Quick Make Ready & Variable Repeat Sizes

VCC Rotary Cutter /Skate Delivery Table
VCC Rotary Cutter /
Skate Delivery Table

Variable Size Finished Products
Variable Size
Finished Products

VCC w/ Sidelay Adjustment
VCC w/ Sidelay Adjustment


  • Designed For Maximum Web Width Of 20” (508mm)
  • Maximum Speed = 1,000 ft/min. (305 m/min.)
  • Single Repeat Cutting Couples
  • Product sizes = To meet most USPS mailing requirements
  • Minimum Chip Size = .25” (6.35mm)
  • Cut-to-Cut Accuracy Within .003” (.08m)
  • Multiple Ribbons Thickness Cutting Capability = .067” (1.7mm)
  • Paper Weight, from 35# (51gsm) up to 10pt. (300gsm)


  • Computer Controlled Functions Via HMI Touch Screen
  • Quick Make Ready W/ Knife Change Only
  • Entrance Fold Hold Idler Rollers For Incoming Folds
  • Entrance Driven Roll, Variable Speed
  • Single Around Cutting Couple, Motor Driven
  • Helical Gear Cylinder Cutting Couple in Oil Bath
  • Thermostabilized System
  • Motorized knife impression adjustment via eccentric system
  • Hardened anvil cylinder, Chrome Plated, with 2, 3 and 4 up product pinhole configuration
  • Knife cylinder with dovetail groove knife block lock-up construction
  • Delivers Full Bleed Trimmed Or Non-Bleed Trimmed Products
  • Disposable knife system with .25” (6.35mm) minimum chip capability
  • Waste hood system for chip removal
  • Gun bore holes under pinhole rows in anvil cylinder to aid in ease of removal of used pins
  • ± 3/4" Manual sidelay whole machine
  • Skate Delivery Table With Quick Make-Ready.