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Inline Finishing Solution

If you are a commercial web offset printer producing large volumes of Magazine Covers, Brochures, Inserts, Catalogues, and Direct Mail  pieces and your volume of work is growing, consider the benefits of adding an inline finishing system to your press. In-Line Finishing condenses web printing, bindery & letter shop processes into one continuous operation, avoiding post–press operations, so that shipping or mailing can begin sooner.

Immediately after printing, the process of inline web finishing begins. Finishing operations, such as gluing, coating, perforating, die cutting, slitting, folding, trimming and cutting are possible in one single step.

Hybrid Print Solution

Combining inkjet technology with web offset printing as a Hybrid Print Solution, avoids plate changing for regionalization and utilizes data to bring powerful solutions for Direct Mail Marketing.

Personalization can be added to direct mail pieces such as enclosed mailers and promotional cards. Perfect 100% matching is no longer a problem as all pieces can be made simultaneously in a single path.

As a paper handling specialist, GWF has built custom designed imaging towers to support print heads in combination from major suppliers such as Kodak, HP, Fuji, MCS and other inkjet suppliers, with drying and chilling as required, integrated with existing machines. Please click here to see few of our achievements.

Variable Data, Personalization & One-To-One Direct Mail

Advertisers refine direct mail practices into targeted mailing or inkjet personalized mail, in which appropriate mail is sent out following database analysis to selected recipients considered most likely to respond positively. For example, someone who has demonstrated an interest in golf may receive direct mail for golf-related products or goods and services appropriate to golfers. This use of database analysis is a type of database marketing so the United States Postal Service calls this form of mail "advertising mail" (admail for short).

Direct targeted mailing or one-to-one marketing is the ability to deliver customized messages to each of the targeted recipients by using ink jet personalization and variable database information; this method is a proven key factor to enhance ROI and drives high response rates.

GWF as a leader in web finishing and paper handling, provides custom engineered solutions such as: